Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Blog: One Year Old

I started Mark's China Blog at markschinablog.blogspot.com one year ago today on September 1st, 2008.

It's been quite an adventure so far here at the latest incarnation of "Mark's China Blog." 2008/2009 has been an absolutely fascinating year to observe. I've learned tons about China. Hopefully you, the reader, feel like you have too.

I'm optimistic that Qian and me moving to America will add a whole new element of interest to this site. I'm still not quite ready to delve back into China news/analysis/musings yet. But I plan on doing so again after the wedding, honeymoon, and getting settled that will take place in the coming days and weeks.

So bear with me for the time being. Hardcore China news will be back before too long!


Anonymous said...

Mark in honor of your one year anniversary I went back and read your original blog from 2006.

Wow, so many shared experiences. When I first started dating my wife and we conversed, she would often get stuck on something and started muttering "nigga, nigga, nigga".. I was like WHOA! honey, I know this won't make sense to you but you need to stop doing this in America. I explained why and she has stopped doing it, but I remember for a while there looking around whenever she was "ummmming" in Chinsese. Your post brought back some memories on this.

Didn't know you were a struggling guitarist too. Have you given it up or still trying? I am also a huge jazz fan as I noticed you are as well. Funny, two of my mainstays are Blackbird and Wish you Were Here also. Used to follow a great site called the Laowai jazz note, about an expat jazz player living in China. You can google it, but he stopped posting.

Your June 27, 2006 entry you mention "power chords" when you should have said power cords. That was funny, well funny to fellow geek guitarists.

Denver is your main rival? WTF!! I am a Raider fan, yeah we have sucked lately, but how dare you say Denver is your main rival.

Well, what a fresh and exciting read. And in doing so, I fully realized your blog is one of those that significantly morhped. I really enjoyed the old blog.

Mark said...

I'm really glad that you've been able to enjoy that old Xanga blog, Hopfrog.

Whenever I speak Chinese, I abuse "nigga." I suppose I say "uhm" a lot when speaking English. So it makes sense that I mutter "nigga" when I'm thinking of what to say in Chinese. Will have to watch that when speaking with my Mrs. in America!

I'm still playing guitar here and there. But between studying Chinese, blogging, and everything else in life, it's taken a back seat recently.

My guitar playing really took off in China. The first time I ever played in a band and began singing were both in China.

I love jazz, rock, jam rock, some country, and lots of other kinds of tunes. But right now, the stuff that really gets me off is electronica. Bands like The Orb and Aphex Twin absolutely melt my mind. If only I'd been in England in the early to mid 90s!

Here are a couple of my favorite musical moments. They are from when my family came to China in 2007. My dad shot the videos during our show. During this show, my brother was filling in on drums while the drummer we had been playing with was back in the States. In these clips, the singer is from London, the bassist, Xi'an, and my bro and me. We played a nine song set of original music. Talk about an amazing experience!

I definitely hate the Raiders, but I HATE the Broncos and always have. The main reason for this is John Elway. If you look back in the 90s, when I was insane about football, John Elway dominated KC so badly. So many 4th quarter comebacks. I have to admit that Elway is one of the best ever, but he got to that point by feasting on the Chiefs.

And the Raiders, we're always beating up on each other. So it's been a bit harder for me to get as riled up about Oakland/LA.

Again, I'm glad that old Xanga blog is still readable. I'm not sure my personality shined through too much back earlier this year when I was doing news posts every day on this blog. That old blog is more about me and my personal experiences. So if anyone is interested in my more personal thoughts on China from 2006, go give it a read.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your a heckuva lot better guitarist than I am. Nice playing. Your bro did well too.

I hear ya on time man. I feel like a gotta make a decision between learning Chinese or getting good at the axe. Learning two things like that is a lot of work. My wife is gonna hate it when I tell her I am gonna go to China, but its what I really want to do, so I better put learning Chinese first.

Agreed on Denver and the Broncos. We also consider Denver our main rival just because they have been so good the last couple of decades. But historically Raiders/Chiefs is the bigger rivalry. Thats going way back though, right now both teams stink so bad its not much of a rivalry. I frigging hate that Arrowhead crowd though. What a tough place to play. You guys own us there.

Anyone who enjoys Mark's blog should really check out the old one. You really get a better feel for Mark's personality. You will also realize how much appreciation he has for China.