Sunday, November 23, 2014

Chinese Landscape Photography and Tang Dynasty Sculptures in KC

I headed over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art yesterday to catch the relatively new exhibit- Stone and Mist: Chinese Landscape Photography by Michael Cherney.

Here are some photos and videos I took of the Cherney's art:

I didn't notice this while at the exhibit and just saw it now on YouTube, but check out this rock formation in the Yangtze on Cherney's photo... quite a tiger-looking feature at Tiger Leaping Gorge:

I voted for option number 2 there. I think it's reasonable to select either. This felt like western artwork framed in a Chinese setting. Didn't feel like it had a Chinese soul, per se.

Great stuff, though. It's a successful effort that I'd recommend checking out if you are in Kansas City over the next few months. Admission to the Nelson Gallery and this exhibit are free of charge.

While at the gallery, Qian and I headed a few hundred feet over to the Nelson's permanent Chinese collection, which is world class.

A number of Tang Dynasty statues/figurines were on display, many of which weren't even under glass. It is an exquisite collection of items, many of which I hadn't seen before:

This was just an insane amount of treasure to take in on a cold, cloudy midwestern autumn day.