Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heading Back to Canton

Qian and I are going to Guangzhou tomorrow to, hopefully, take care of her visa once and for all. We've been approved, but still don't have the visa actually in her passport. We should feel relieved and confident the process is over, but there is a certain degree of nervousness given how the last trip there went and how the whole process has gone.

If something doesn't go according to plan tomorrow, I'll probably lose it and go nuts. That would be pretty funny to witness from outside of my body. Probably not much fun for Qian or me though.

But honestly, I don't think anything weird will happen.

We'll leave Wednesday night after the visa is ready and picked up.

It'd be great if the American consulate that handles all of this stuff wasn't in Guangzhou. The city isn't a place that Qian are dying to go back to. Beijing on the other hand...


Ramesh said...

Whoa, Whoa. Guangzhou isn't that bad !!!

Hope you got the stuff done. I can sympathise, having spent ridiculous times in American embassies just for getting business and tourist visas.

Mark said...

You're right, Ramesh. It isn't Guangzhou being a bad place as much as it is just the process of getting the visa.

Just bad association with the city, I think.

It looks like Qian can pick up her visa tomorrow.

The story from this week is comical. The embassy made a huge mistake and it nearly cost us getting the visa this week. But they acknowledged it was their mistake and have actually been reasonable with us on it and it appears solved! Amazing that such a department could actually be both human and reasonable!

I'll try to write in more detail about what happened in the next couple days. It's pretty insane.