Thursday, July 16, 2009

Atmospheric Optics Photo of the Day - Rainbow at the Great Wall

I found out about the website Atmospheric Optics from the reader, Jonathan Shock, and his comments on my Great Wall photos post last week. Atmospheric Optics and its photos and explanations of curious atmospheric phenomena is fascinating and is definitely worth checking out.

Per Jonathan's suggestion, I sent the Great Wall with the rainbow in the foreground photo to the AtOptics administrator. The admin said the photo was great and made it the photo of the day today.

Check out the great write up on the type of rainbow I saw and the work he did on the photo here. It looks beautiful.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan and Atmospheric Optics for getting this photo in front of more eyes.

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Unknown said...

I've only just come back from a two week trip in China to see the eclipse, so hadn't seen before that the photo had (as expected) made it onto the Atoptics frontpage. Congratulations!