Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet Me

If a twit tweets alone in a forest, will any other twatters notice?

I'm trying my best to embrace the latest technology taking over the world: Twitter. I still don't completely get it. But I'm beginning to see the light. A little. I'm going to give Twitter a whirl and see what happens.

If you're interested, my user name is @markvranicar. The link to my profile is here.


andy said...

there's some program or ability to link you tweets to your facebook updates....that would push you to a bigger audience.

just an idea, as I twont tweet as of yet.

Zub said...

some things i learned about tweet was that, it's just a place where people are more open to strike up a online conversation (hence the updates to do with lunch or whatever) its a social atmosphere which creates an environment where netowkring is easier. i use tweet to follow bloggers of repute and basically theres an exchange of links going on constantly, and theres ever new and more sophisticated ways of doing things and tweet keeps you in the loop. its a sharing of information.

Lin said...

Is blogger/blogspot still blocked in China? Twitter was unblocked on June 8th.