Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photos of the Week - On the Yulong River

The Yulong River, near Yangshuo in Guangxi Province, is an amazing place. My family and I went down the river on bamboo rafts two years ago in June of 2007.

The karst mountains surrounding the river make it, quite possibly, the most beautiful place I've ever been.

Food/beer stall on the river, incredible mountains in the background

Bamboo raft

Ma and Pa

Younger brother


Dad getting mugged by lil' ol' ladies selling junk

Our driver


Anonymous said...

LOL, (re: the second from last pic) your dad must have made eye contact. I think after 10 minutes at the Silk Market in Beijing I spent the rest of my time there staring at the floor. I was terrified that a misplaced glance would result in being swarmed, having an article of clothing forced on me, and finding myself handing over RMB without even knowing what hit me.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Yulong River. The rafter made us lift the bamboo raft when the whole thing got stucked on a concrete kind of "dam". But the experience was really nice.

Thomas said...

So did your dad end up buying anything? The lady in front looks like she's gonna hit him with the plastic thingie until he agrees to buy half their inventory...

Mark said...

I believe he bought those flower wreath hats that we were all wearing from one of the women.

We didn't buy any of the plastic guns. We weren't too eager to spray each other with Chinese river water.