Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Look at all that blue!

There wasn't much doubt going into the night what would happen, but this is still sweet.

I had an adult "English Corner" this afternoon. Believe me, the students I talked with understood the importance of this election. The ten or so students I talked with, ranging in age from twenty to forty years old, were so excited and proud about America's decision.

I've been on cloud nine all day.

Honestly, today's reminded me a lot of a day I had a few months ago:

Today has been such a happy day for me and my country.

My friends from a range of different countries - China, America, England, Australia - are all going out tonight to celebrate the victory. All of my friends from other countries are surprised and happy with the decision America's made.

I'll finish this post with a few pictures:

From Obama, Japan


andy said...


workin' it!

You could hear cheers and honking in STL city for sure!

Vrani said...

I don't think everyone here is proud...I saw one girl on Facebook say that she will now "have to trust in God" to help her through this "nightmare."

But I'm with you. Pretty awesome stuff, and I love that found a way to tie in last night's victory with the April 7th victory.