Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hua Shan - Part 1

Last month, I climbed Hua Shan for the third time.

It was amazing.

My friend Andy and I began climbing the mountain, from its base, at about 3:00PM. We climbed for four hours until we reached the North Peak. We spent the night there and then climbed around to the other four peaks the next day.

The first day was really nice, but the second day was rainy. Although it was pretty arduous climbing in the rain, it provided for some great shots.

Here are a number of my photos from Shaanxi's Holy Mountain.

Love this shot. Left the shutter on the lens open for 15 seconds. Such a clear and nice night.


Stairs (you don't want to fall to the left or right here)

And more stairs

This shot is a bit surreal, I think.

Clouds from above

云海 - Sea of clouds


Anonymous said...

Great photos. What camera are you using? Wish I were young enough to make the summit!

Thanks. Enjoyed

Mark said...

I'm using a Canon Powershot G2. A bit dated these days, but still does the trick.

Also touch up the photos (contrast, brightness, etc.) using Apple's "iPhoto" photo software.