Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sour Gummy Worms

As many of my friends from back home know, I'm a huge fan of Trolli's sour gummy worms. These gummy worms along with nacho cheese, flavor blasted sunflower seeds, and a few other kinds of junk food are some of the things I miss most about America.

Seeing that not even every American supermarket or gas station has these sour gummy worms, I never thought I'd see them in central China.

Well, a small convenient store near my house just started stocking these sour gummy worms for 5 mao a very small package. Trolli brand at that. So soft, sour, and nice.


The Red Scare said...

now if only moe. will play a show in Xian, you won't ever need to come home again

Mark said...

Brah, didn't you hear?!? My guitar hero Al Schnier and the boys are on a totally un-heady hiatus! Bunk!!!!!!!

andy said...

Anything I should bring?


Mark said...

Hey Andy, here are a couple things that would be awesome:

I could surely think of more, but that'll do for now. If you can't manage them over, don't worry. But these things would be nice!