Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pass the Popcorn

I've had far too much fun today following John McCain's epic meltdown.

What's up with McCain's left eye?

Wow. "Suspending" his campaign. Calling for the debates to be postponed. Going back to Washington to save the day. Just wow.

Here are a couple gems from the day:

Sarah Palin not being able to take the grilling from heavyweight Katie Couric

John McCain getting pwned by Dave Letterman

I've always wondered about McCain's psyche. The guy isn't too sharp to begin with. Couple that with his "five years in a Hanoi Hilton" and it looks like you get one hell of an entertaining presidential candidate!

This election is quickly falling away from McCain/Palin. They're running out of money, they're running out of options on the electoral map, they haven't prepared for the upcoming debates, and they have blood on their hands from the current financial crisis.

As congressman Barney Frank said yesterday of McCain's brazen move:
"I think it's the longest Hail Mary in the history of football or Marys."
After their moves yesterday, John McCain and his handlers are either political geniuses or are in fact conceding this race to Obama. History will ultimately be the judge, but to me this looks like the beginning of the end for Jonah McPalin.


Anonymous said...

are you voting? i think you need to send in your absentee asap

Mark said...

Hey Emmy, I am planning on voting. Have registered. Still haven't received my ballot yet. I should be getting it in in the next couple weeks.

Here is another painful video:

What the hell is she talking about?

Helen E said...

"Heavyweight" Katie Couric, I love it. Palin could not appear as a bigger moron if I were paying her in Monopoly money.