Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos of the Week - An Evening on the Water at Houhai Park

The most enjoyable part of our trip to Beijing a couple weeks ago was taking a motor boat out in Houhai Park. Houhai Park is centrally located in Beijing northwest of the Forbidden City and Beihei Park.

Qian and my friends Richard and Ling and I went out on the water a little after 6:00PM. We were out on the water as the sun went down.

It was a surreal experience; both the people I was with and the setting around the four of us could not have been better.

Here are some of my photos:

The sun going down

A wonderful scene out on the water

Qian at the helm of the boat

Ling driving with Richard up front

There were little bars and restaurants like this everywhere around Houhai. There are lots of nice and expensive places around the lake.

After we got off of the boat and before dinner, the girls went shopping and the guys had a couple drinks. This is a rather sinister looking photo of Ricardo.

This is our friend, Elliot, who met us after the ride. I really like this photo. It doesn't look that good after I pared it down for this blog. But it looks great in full resolution.

This is a trippy photo from atop the bar we were at. I left the lens on for five seconds as the masses below went about their ways.


andy said...

great stuff. Richard is good people.

Mark said...

That he is, Andy.

Richard was going to be the best man for my Chinese wedding ceremony thing. But he's in England for the summer and won't be here.


But the legend of Ricardo will live on, indeed.

Clare (now in NYC) said...

Seeing you all makes me so sad...
6 months till I'm back in China...

I'm really glad you got the visa for Qian sorted.


Mark said...

I'm sure you're excited to come back to China, Clare. It's going to be awesome for you to get back!

Thanks of the congrats on the visa! We appreciate it!

We'll be heading back to the States for a while, but I can't imagine that our time in China is done. Like you, we'll be back before too long!