Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Someone I follow on Twitter (I can't remember who) linked up to a great website a couple weeks ago. The website is It features Chinese posters from throughout the 20th century up to today. My favorites are the iconic propaganda posters from the height of Maoist era in the 1950s - 1970s.

Hold high the great red banner of Mao Zedong to wage the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to the end - Revolution is no crime, to rebel is justified - link

You'll see these sorts of Mao-era posters at antique markets or at youth hostels and bars. But there really aren't too many remnants of these posters, or this era as a whole, in China today.

As a student of Chinese history, I find these posters so interesting. The height of Mao Zedong thought and the campaigns carried out during that era continue to fascinate me.

I'm going to post a few more posters from the site here. Go check out the site to see the wide array the authors have collected.

Study the Soviet Union, to advance to the world level of science - link

Fully engage in the movement to increase production and to practice economy to set off a new upsurge in industrial production - link

It's glorious to take part, to oppose America, support Korea, protect the home and the nation - link

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Unknown said...

I really like the way these posters are made. What fascinates me is how close they are to their Soviet Union and East European counterparts.