Wednesday, February 23, 2011

High Speed Rail

Things changed so much in Xi'an between 2006 and 2009 when I lived there. The pace of development is hard to comprehend. I know that when Qian and I go back to Xi'an this coming summer, after being gone for twenty months, there are going to be many parts of town that we won't recognize.

Reading a post from my friend, Richard, on his blog - Notes From Xi'an - I see that Xi'an has indeed added something major since I left: a high-speed rail station.

The Xi'an to Zhengzhou line high-speed rail station

Richard's post does a nice job giving basic information about the new "Xi'an North Station," highlighting the controversy surrounding the corruption of China's ousted high-speed rail minister, and discussing whether high-speed rail is really a wise investment. Check it out.


Donnie said...

Its sad to think getting a project together (paid for, built and operational) like high speed rail is beyond americas dreams, I guess this is what happens when you out source everything, the next 15 years are gonna be really interesting around here. We should be building the rails, we should be developing new cities, instead we just sit back and watch it on discovery channel and cool, wish we had that.

hasnat said...

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