Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Interview

An interview I had with David Perry at is on the front page of their website right now. You can read the whole thing here. We discuss photography, putting my book together, travel, and life in China as a foreigner. A lot of the photos from my book are featured as well.

Expressing the Orient is a prize for's Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest. Check out what the contest is all about and sign up if you have a nice collection of pictures from China. You might just win a free copy of my book!


RuninDC said...

Great Blog Mark. Thanks so much! Really enjoyed it. How are you able to blog in China if Blogger is blocked?

Mark said...

I'm in the US now. So no problems with Blogspot.

In China, there are some ways around the Net Nanny. Proxy servers and VPNs come to mind.