Thursday, September 2, 2010

AmCham-China Podcasts

I found a treasure trove of China podcasts for all of the China news/culture/politics/economics nerds out there. The podcasts are all produced by the American Chamber of Commerce from the People's Republic of China - AmCham-China - and can be found here.

So far, I've listened to the following:

Bill Bishop (@niubi on Twitter) talking about Chinese real estate.

Jeremy Goldkorn (from talking about censorship.

Zachary Karabell talking about the US/China economies and his book Superfusion.

There are dozens more discussions on the site with prominent China thinkers that I look forward to listening to (Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Peter Hessler, Evan Osnos, etc.). The ones I've heard so far have been quality. Go listen.


Anonymous said...

whoa, nice score. thanks for linking that.

Sino-Gist said...

The one on the Google Fallout is worth listening to, especially with the benefit of hindsight (it was recorded on the 21st January this year).

Anonymous said...

Really insightful. I've subscribed through iTunes.