Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sinica Podcast

If you haven't heard the relatively new Sinica podcast at, you should go check it out. The podcast is hosted by Kaiser Kuo. Each week Kaiser has on a few China hands to talk about a particular topic. So far, they've covered a wide array of issues ranging from Mao to Google to the recent suicides at Foxconn. The level of discourse and quality of these discussions is top-notch.

The podcast they put up this week is about China books. Seeing how much I've been reading China books recently (especially during my lunch breaks), I really enjoyed this discussion.

Here is a list of some of the books they suggested that I wrote down:

Out of Mao's Shadow by Philip P. Pan

Corpsewalker: Real Life Stories: China From the Bottom Up by Yiwu Liao

The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers by Richard McGregor

China: Fragile Superpower by Susan L. Shirk

China's Water Crisis by Jun Ma

Will the Boat Sink the Water?: The Life of China's Peasants by Chen Guidi and Wu Chuntao

China Candid: The People of the People's Republic by Ye Sang, Geremie Randall Barme, and Miriam Lang

Peking Story: The Last Days of Old China by David Kidd and John Lanchester

Mr. China: A Memoir by Tim Clissold

Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Entrepreneurship and State by Yasheng Huang

The Mandate of Heaven by Orville Schell and Jim Jorgenson

This is a just a fraction of the titles discussed. Listen to the podcast for more titles and great discussion.

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