Monday, February 15, 2010


On the left hand side of this blog, below the "Labels" section, is a list of links titled "The Best of Mark's China Blog." It has links to some of the accolades this blog has received and to some of the "best" posts made over the past year and a half.

Several friends have told me that my post from last year - Second-hand Smoke, Warmth, and Chatting with the (Soon-to-be) Inlaws - is the best post I've made on this blog. That is the post I made last year to ring in the Chinese new year. Seeing that we just had Chinese new year this year, it's a good read right now.

Qian (aka. Jackie from the article above) and I had a nice Chinese New Year this year. We had my parents over for dumplings on Saturday night. That is how Qian's family spent New Year's in China and I was happy that we were able to continue the tradition here in the States. We missed being in China a lot this past week though.

I hope everyone reading this had a happy Chinese New Year and will have a prosperous Year of the Tiger.

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