Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Few Tidbits

Haven't had the time/inclination to post the past few days. I apologize to anyone annoyed by the lack of content.

Things are all good here in the US of A. Qian and I are getting ready for Thanksgiving. It'll be my first in four years (!) and it'll be here first.

I was looking around on Google News for some fun China stuff. Found a few interesting things.

- Social networking is becoming a force for change. China's urban middle-class seems to be enjoying the freedom of expression that the internet provides.

- A horrible mining accident occurred in China's northeast this past weekend.

- Some good commentary on Obama's visit to China (h/t PKD). It says that, despite the spin, the trip wasn't a failure.

It's funny. I was really expecting to come back to America and be into the news and happenings of congress and all of that stuff. Now that I'm back, I couldn't care less. I'm so bored/turned off by the news I'm hearing no a daily basis. I'm not sure why this is the case. But I would imagine that the utterly polarized state of our nation has something to do with it (Sarah Palin's book release certainly isn't helping things).

On the other hand, I'm LOVING being back to watch American sports. I could never really get justin.tv to work very well for me in China. So I was basically completely cut off from sports in the US. When I was abroad in China, I told people the things I miss most are Mexican food and sports. Thankfully, tacos and college football are, once again, a big part of my life.


Anonymous said...

no t- bell in china?!?

Mark said...

No, no Taco Bell in China. At least not in Xi'an. There is a decent place - High Fly Pizza (高飞比萨) - that has tacos, but it isn't that good. The other fast food/western places aren't that great.

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize Mark, I know I fully expected to hear a lot less from you after leaving China. It makes sense. Hows the job hunt going?

How great it the end to the college football season looking (aside from the Jayhawks terrible demise). A clash for the ages in Bama/UF and the winner taking on either an undefeated Texas or TCU. Love college ball.

Mark said...

To steal a cliche from sports, the job hunt "is what it is." Not very fun, but I'm not getting too discouraged. Yet.

Man, has KU ever fallen off of a cliff after my bro and I talked with you about the Jayhawks. I've watched every single snap of every game this season. PAINFUL!

Reesing has just crapped the bed. It's so weird, as a sophomore he was nothing but poise. But now as a senior, he can't do anything right. I think the offensive line, as always, is such a strong determinant of success.

And now the whole Mangino mess... WTF is this?!??

At least basketball season is beginning!

I can't wait for that UF/Ala game. That is going to be one hard hitting and epic affair. I certainly would not bet against Tebow as he finishes out his career.

Do you think there's any chance Meyer goes to Notre Dame? I wouldn't if I were him. But I'm not really sure what his motivations are. His name seems to pop up there quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

The minute your brother stated KU and UF were on a collision course, KU skidded right off the track, over a cliff, down a ravine,.... well you get the picture.

Urban said absolutely not this week. But who knows, what else would you say during the season? I don't think so, Notre Dame has lost its luster and Florida is one of the best places in the country to mine for athletes.

Mark said...

David was definitely being tongue-in-cheek with that collision course comment (he's not that delusional). But it sure jinxed us after he said it. This season has truly been an epic fail.

If there's one person who could have success at Notre Dame, it's Meyer. But if I were him, there's no way I would leave. Who would want to leave the hotbed of high school talent where there are beaches and sunshine every day for a dreary campus in middle America that has academic standards that are hard to meet and a fanbase that is more delusional than any other in the nation (even more than the Nebraska Huskers fans I know)? Meyer should just stay put and win a few more national titles with the Gators.

BTW, are you much of a college basketball fan? Your guys' two national titles a couple years ago were insane. Donovan hasn't done a whole lot the past couple, but he's definitely a great coach. This KU team has the chance to be a classic.

Anonymous said...

"Who would want to leave the hotbed of high school talent where there are beaches and sunshine every day for a dreary campus in middle America that has academic standards that are hard to meet and a fanbase that is more delusional than any other in the nation "

You smacked it out of the park with that one. Sums up perfectly why Urban won't be leaving. How incredible was the Iron Bowl today? Gotta love that SEC football.

I was a huge basketball fan when I was younger but there are so many entertainment options in today's world that I just don't follow sports like basketball and baseball anymore because so many games are played that I just don't want to invest that much time in them. However, yes, I did enjoy watching our two tournament runs and March Madness is always a great time of year.

The worst thing Donovan did was to go pro and then change his mind. Ever since then I think something has been amiss. But getting back to your point earlier, when Urban was hired he was considering us and another school (I forget, maybe ND), and it was Donovan who said to him basically "look, your not going to find a better pool of athletes to draw from in the entire country", and it was that statement that sold Meyer.

Scott said...

Sarah Palin's book release is such a joke, who cares, since when does the loser write a book everyone wants? She is most likely considering a run in 2012, god help us all, she couldnt answer a simple question like, what do you read, she is so out of line even thinking she could make a run for pres. This country makes me sick, land of want-ah-bees! I just hope glen beck will cry again soon, I need that, it will make my day.