Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Year Older

It's time for me to update the "Who is Mark?" tab on the side of my blog. I am no longer 25 years-old. Yesterday was my 26th birthday.

Unfortunately, the proxy server I'm using to update this blog isn't equipped to let me edit that box. Oh well. I'll take care of that eventually.

I had a very satisfying birthday yesterday. Ate lunch with Qian and her parents. Rested in the afternoon. And then ate pizza, went to Xi'an's best bar (Park Qin), and then my favorite dance club (1+1) with my closest friends at night. A really great day in all facets.

Outside of my personal life and more in terms of what's going on with this blog, I still lament that Blogspot is down and I'm not going about my normal blogging activities. I think a slowing down on here might be a good thing in a way though.

I'd gotten so used to updating this blog every day that I think I was beginning to "lose sight of the forest for the trees." I'm afraid that I was getting so wrapped up in the daily minutiae of China's news, that I was losing some grips with the reality of what is really going on in this fascinating country.

The whole point of "Mark's China Blog" is to have a unique view on China and what's going on inside the country. Having a small break from my daily trawling of Google News for interesting nuggets on China will be good for me and my blog in the long-run, I think.

Right now, I'm just taking things easy and am enjoying life as much as possible in Xi'an (allergies and hay fever aside).

Bear with me as I figure out what exactly I'm doing with this blog as it remains blocked in the Middle Kingdom. Hopefully in the end I get through this latest blocking refreshed and as sharp as ever.


Ramesh said...

As a fellow struggler with the Blogspot blocking, I do understand. I know that the chore of posting everyday can be tiring, but trust me, your blog is indeed unique. A very refreshing, balanced and well written perspective on this wonderful country. The good, the bad and the ugly, all of which is what makes this place so fascinating. Won't grudge your break, but don't slow down too much.

I love your blog as it is.

Mark said...

Thanks a lot for your very kind words, Ramesh. I really appreciate them.

Honestly, this blockage came at a decent time for me. I'd made something like 100 posts in the first 100 days of 2009. And a lot of those posts were pretty long and in-depth. I've been in need of a little break.

But you are right. I should continue on. Even if it is a pain in the arse.

I figure that in the next week or two I'll get back into posting at a similar clip that I was before China deemed Blogspot blogs worthy of blocking.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!
finally got time to catch up with some reading of your blog.I'm ill so i decided to read.I really love it nice to have someone voice the things we see and experience as we live in China.Xi'an sounds like it has changed i hope we can visit soon and check it out as well as see all the dear friends we left behind.It's a real shame you got blocked but we know why so hang in there and don't get burnt out.Your fans will understand.Sandra

Gary said...

Don't despair, you have a great Blog and I log on daily to see what you have to say. I live in the U.S. but travel to China yearly so I like to see what you have to say about the going on's in the China and the rest of the world.

Mark said...

Thanks a lot, Sandra and Gary. I appreciate that you guys are getting something out of this blog.

I just banged out a post right now. It was a little bit annoying having to use proxy servers and actual coding in html, but hey, it wasn't that painful. In fact, I enjoyed it.

I'll try my best to keep things going here at a daily clip at "Mark's China Blog."