Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wedding Photos Today

Today, Jackie and I took wedding photos all day. We went to the boutique at 9:00AM and left this evening at 9:30PM. Quite a day.

For those unfamiliar with the way Chinese couples do wedding photos, I'll explain a little. Couples who are about to get married take photos several weeks before the actual wedding date. So today Jackie was prancing around in a wedding dress and me in a tuxedo and we haven't even chosen our wedding date yet (still waiting on that visa...).

Taking photos today was good fun. We went out to the Qingling Mountains an hour south of Xi'an, to a farm south of Xi'an, and then took photos in the studio.

We won't get the photos we took today for a few weeks. I'll surely post some of them when we get the CD of them. To hold over those readers who are just dying to see some photos of Jackie and me (I'm sure there's tons of you out there), here are a few pictures we took this past weekend when we had a day off for China's Tomb Sweeping Festival:


Noelle said...

She's really beautiful - you're a lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

echo that. great smile.

Mark Carver said...

Word up! My wife and I did things in the proper order, surprisingly- license, party, and we'll take our wedding photos this month or next cuz we want outdoor photos. I tell people back in the West that if you want to feel like a rock star/supermodel, go to a Chinese photo salon.

Jian said...

ditto, such a lucky guy

Unknown said...

Great photos.

Thomas said...

You only set aside 12 1/2 hours for the wedding photos? You guys are lame! ;-p

Really nice pictures!

Mark said...

The comments on here are awesome. Thanks for all of the kind words.

I showed these comments to Jackie. She flashed her lovely smile when she saw them.

I'll be sure to sprinkle a few of those wedding photos into my posts once we get the CD of the pics.

xu said...


Bella Weddings said...

Happen to come across your site. The area is just stunning. What a place to live! And your girlfriend is simply beautiful.
Be sure to post alot of wedding pictures. As a wedding planner/coordinator I'm always interested in other areas & cultures.
Good luck,
Vickie/Bella Weddings
Nashville, Tennessee