Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taylor's China Animoto Video

My buddy Taylor, who came to visit me in Xi'an at the beginning of the month, sent me this video he created on the website, Animoto.

If you've never seen an Animoto slide-show before, I highly recommend cracking a beer open and watching this video (it might actually be best after a few beers have already been ingested).

The video features Taylor's photos from Shanghai, Xi'an, and Cui Hua Shan:

Pretty amazing video, eh? Radically different than any other slide-show I've seen before.


Anonymous said...

pretty slick

Anonymous said...

It's kind of creatively cheating but not bad for a quick application; they have a Facebook app as well. I just wish I could drop an iTunes track on there.

Thanks Mark, for everything! You can tell by the video you kept me fed well.