Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hua Shan - Part 5

Another round of photos from Hua Shan:

This is one of the best photographs I've ever taken. Andy appears to be floating on the ledge jutting out of the mountain.

Some instant noodles planters

This woman was struggling with the climb just before the North Peak

A map of Hua Shan. This helps me visualize the north, east, south, and west peaks a lot. It's easy to lose this perspective while on the mountain.

A shot from the lower part of the mountain

Me ordering/negotiating our dinner with the owner of the small guesthouse we stayed at near the North Peak. As you can see, I opted for Kobe Bryant-style leggings on this cold night.

Andy, me, and a middle-aged Chinese man going on a cable car down the mountain. As you can see, we were all soaked from being out in the rain all day.

These are a few Chinese guys I chatted up near the South Peak. The guy in the Texas Tech hat was very talkative. I still can't get over that he was wearing a Tech stocking cap.

Here is a video of us discussing beautiful women from all over the world:

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andy said...

man, that looks like fun!