Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chinese Wedding Ceremony Photos

Qian and I have regretted for the past several months that we had, literally, zero pictures from our Chinese wedding ceremony this past year.

The wedding (not legal wedding, just a celebration... Qian had to enter the US as my fiancee) was video taped, but not photographed. That video of the day is cool (and I realize I still haven't edited that and posted a few clips here... someday), but it'd have been nice to have at least some photos from the event.

The other day, Qian looked at her uncle's QQ page and saw that he had up a gallery of snapshots that he took from the ceremony last August. We were happy to see that he had a number of really good shots.

Here are some of our favorite ones:

Edited out photos here

Qian's dad and me toasting baijiu. Thankfully, I didn't have too much baijiu on this day (I was still hung over from the bachelor party a few days prior). I did have a few shots though. Qian's dad's friends had painted his face. That is a tradition for the parents of the bride.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys were having a blast in these photos. I bet seeing these had you missing China a bit. Thanks for sharing them.

Mark said...

No problem, Hopfrog. We were really happy to find these a couple days ago.

It was a great day. So much fun.

Ramesh said...

Lovely photos. Qian & you look brilliant.

Mark said...

Thanks, Ramesh.

richforth said...

after going through your blog, it seems that you know much about China than me---a native Chinese.

Anyway, the photos in the wedding party looked fantastic.

Wish you and your beautiful Chinese wife have a good year of tiger!

Tian said...

Adorable Dorothy shoes! Qian has the tiniest feet in the world! I love these photos. 4 of my friends recently got engaged.i totally feel left behind cos I don't ever wanna get married :(

Mark said...

@richforth - I may pay attention to the news more than you do, but you, as a native Chinese, definitely understand China better than I do! I'm flattered by the compliment though.

@Tian - You're right, Tian, Qian's feet (and hands) are TINY! Seriously small.

I wouldn't feel left behind if I were you. Being married is actually pretty cool, but there's no rush. We're still in out twenties. Do you think you'll ever be up for it?

Jude said...

You two deserve many years of happiness and good fortune together! Glad you discovered these photos, i'm sure they'll be something nice for the two of you to look back on.

Tian said...

Hmmm, probably not and definitely NO kids :)