Monday, October 13, 2008

Xiahe Labrang Monastery - Part 1

Two French people we were with, my friend Andy and I were the first foreigners to visit Xiahe in Gansu Province in months.

Xiahe is in a military lockdown. Foreigners are not allowed in and haven't been for months.

It is a complicated story how we got in to the monastic village town. I'm not going to go into great details on how we did it right now. We didn't sneak in or go in illegally though.

Andy and I were granted one morning to visit the Labrang Monastery by the local authorities. Although we only had a few hours, we were able to see the place and get a good feel for the culture that pervades there.

Here is the first batch of photos that I'll post to my blog:

I'll post more photos and videos from the Labrang Monastery in the coming days.

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